The Next Best Thing: Reason #2 For My Slacking

So in my last post, while ranting about my love for Sammi Sweetheart-sponsored items, I said that that was one of three good things that have been distracting me from the “beautifulness” that is updating my blog. So what are these other two occurrences?

2. Tickets to the Queens of our world. And by “our” world, I of course mean “my” world. So who is this first Queen? Madonna of course! So, how did I get the tickets? 3 words: Gay. Best. Friend.

Now, I always have plenty of wonderful things to say about my gay friends. A shared love of Britney Spears, America’s Next Top Model and Tori Spelling? Sign me up! Except…the friend I am referring to here doesn’t like any of those things. I know. You are likely thinking, “What’s the point, then?” Well, luckily for me, what this friend lacks in The Study of Tyra Banks he makes up for in his passion for Madonna and his Bucket List maintenance. So when Madonna announced she’d be on tour again, this gay knew that this would be one of his final chances to cross “Seeing Madonna Live” off the bucket list, and this moocher (me) knew she had to get in on it. One scheduled concert at Yankee Stadium and an “I.O.U” of $150 later, I am seeing Madonna!

But it gets better. At least…for me it gets better. (No, I unfortunately still owe the $150.)

A week or so later I receive an automated e-mail from Oprah’s LifeClass. For those who are unfamiliar with the program, it is the best show since…The Oprah Winfrey Show. (Excuse my redundancy.) Anyway, this automated e-mail was informing me, as well as the rest of Oprah’s mailing list, that Oprah would be taping 2 episodes this season in NYC, and that they will be doing a lottery for the tickets. Do you know what that means? That means I can use my power of positive thinking to receive the tickets and not pay a dime for them!

Oprah trying to encourage me to "De-Clutter" my life.

To make a long-story short, that is exactly what happened! So, come April 2nd, I am going to get to see Queen O herself, live! In person! And I am pretty freaking thrilled. My rule has been to freak out about it once a day in hopes that by the time the big day is here I will be some-what over it and won’t cry on the spot. We’ll see. But if I cry it’s okay, because as far as I am concerned there is no celebrity I could meet that is more impressive than Oprah.*

In conclusion for reason #2, if I can attract Madonna and Oprah into my life, then I can attract all sorts of good things into my life, and thus I have. And let me tell ya, good things are distracting. So distracting, that I before I know it I realize “Oh gee, Neenz. You haven’t updated your blog in days!”

A rainbow of Oprah's. Which is exactly how I like my rainbows.

So, what’s next?! Well…next I will be back with another entry for reason #3. Why? To buy me time before I have to get into the swing of our good old, consistent updating again! Sound good? Good!

Thanks for reading, and I will see you soon!



*excluding Sammi Sweetheart.

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3 Responses to The Next Best Thing: Reason #2 For My Slacking

  1. Robert Almeraz says:

    I can only imagine how you must have been when Madonna was on Oprah’s show, the only thing better would have been having Tyra Banks and the Muppets there as well. Good blog, now I am anxiously awaiting reason # 3.

  2. Robert Almeraz says:

    Your allowed to slack, your still in shock over the Madonna and Oprah tickets :)

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