A League of Their Own, A Question of My Own

There are some movies that when you spot them on TV, you can’t help but watch. You’re obligated! I will just assume that most people have different movies on this list than I do. After all, I can’t expect that everyone will stop what they’re doing for You’ve Got Mail and Muppets Take Manhattan. But one of my favorites that may be more culturally appreciated is A League of Their Own. Holy crap is this movie good!

I watched this movie all the time as a kid, making it one of those films where every line is burnt to memory. (“Who’s Lou?!” “The driver!”) But what makes this film great is that there is something new to love every time. Ignore the cliche and hear me out. How about Dottie and Kit?! Now that I am an adult, I can actually understand the tension between the sisters! And let me tell you, as a self-proclaimed “Dottie” it is hard having your sisters envy every little thing you do better than them (which let’s be honest, is everything). Haha, oh I’m only kidding (but not really).

*Note: If you haven’t seen the film SPOILERS from here on out. Proceed with caution! ;) * With this new found appreciation for the internal conflict between Dottie and Kit, I thought that I would turn to my blog to ask what you guys thought of the films dramatic World Series Game: Did Dottie Drop The Ball On Purpose?! As some of you may remember, at the last minute Kit gets traded to the Racine Bells when a conflict arises between herself and her sister Dottie, pinning them against each other for the World Series. At the very end of the tied game, Dottie, the catcher, is thrown the ball as Kit is headed for home plate…and Dottie drops the ball! What?! Dottie Hinson, the Queen of Diamonds, drops the ball?!

As someone who can relate to being perfect like Dottie Hinson, I think “Of course she dropped it on purpose! They even show her holding on to the ball in a similar-type of play!” However when I asked one of my sisters for their opinion, who to protect their identity we will call “Kit”, said “She wouldn’t drop it on purpose and LOSE the game!” Which leaves me only one choice…to ask you guys what do you think! Did Dottie drop the ball on purpose because she knew how much it meant to her sister? Or would Dottie never do that to her teammates, and really did drop the ball?

Thanks for voting! Looking forward to seeing your opinions!


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5 Responses to A League of Their Own, A Question of My Own

  1. Robert Almeraz says:

    I think she dropped it on purpose, it would be kind of like if Law had a muppet that you really liked and she liked it to, but she would give it to you since she knows the Muppets are very important to you. Or something like that, I never did get that psychiatry degree after all.

  2. Matt says:

    I don’t like to think she dropped the ball on purpose. I want to give Kit one moment in the sun. After all, she ended up having a terrible fate (she did the Tank Girl movie).

  3. Robert Almeraz says:

    Oh man, didn’t know she did that one, I remember when that was coming out all the big commotion it was getting then it bombed.

  4. Natale says:

    Well you know how I feel about A League of Their Own…! :)


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