Nostalgia Around Every Corner, Ric Flair in Every Cabinet

Perhaps part of the reason why I am so fond of nostalgia related things as an adult is because these past mementos were never really gone. And if I want to try and leave them behind, I am reminded of them again every day as I go to get my morning coffee.

Why am I reminded of 80′s and 90′s themed pop-culture items or memories of the past when I get my morning coffee, you ask?

Because Ric Flair is in my coffee cabinet.

I guess you could say we are keeping a…classic wrestler by our…classic roast. (hahahahaha.) But why is our Ric Flair action figure in here? I wouldn’t really know. My guess would be that since Ric Flair was my father’s favorite of the WW(F)E wrestlers, that he didn’t want him to get lost in the abyss of our old wrestling toys. Or maybe he just really wanted an intimidating coffee guard. One thing that I do know is that we used to have more Ric Flair items in the coffee cabinet, such as a little cut-out and a Ric Flair spinner/top! So while we’ve downsized the Flair items, I can’t make any promises that we will downsize enough to not have an entire cabinet dedicated to coffee.

Although this may seem like a random thing to share, let me say the real goal of this post: If I could save just one old wrestling figure from being thrown away or left in an old basement, and instead have him have a new great life hidden in your kitchen to surprise guests, well then my is mission accomplished. So what are you waiting for?! I am sure at least one of you has got to have an old Razor Ramon somewhere waiting to be stored in the spice cabinet, right?

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6 Responses to Nostalgia Around Every Corner, Ric Flair in Every Cabinet

  1. Dave says:

    I paid $15 for a Zack Ryder action figure to help me win Fantasy Football and it worked.

  2. Robert Almeraz says:

    Neens, you need to keep that in good condition, it might be worth some money someday when Flair retires, but since he is still wrestling at almost 70, doubt that will be anytime soon. Sadly I do not own any wrestling icon figures so my coffee maybe in jeopardy of thievery. Since Flair was Ray’s favorite, did he ever try to get the feathered blonde hairdo that he sports? That would be a great photo of he did.

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