The Next Best Thing: Reason #2 For My Slacking

So in my last post, while ranting about my love for Sammi Sweetheart-sponsored items, I said that that was one of three good things that have been distracting me from the “beautifulness” that is updating my blog. So what are these other two occurrences?

2. Tickets to the Queens of our world. And by “our” world, I of course mean “my” world. So who is this first Queen? Madonna of course! So, how did I get the tickets? 3 words: Gay. Best. Friend.

Now, I always have plenty of wonderful things to say about my gay friends. A shared love of Britney Spears, America’s Next Top Model and Tori Spelling? Sign me up! Except…the friend I am referring to here doesn’t like any of those things. I know. You are likely thinking, “What’s the point, then?” Well, luckily for me, what this friend lacks in The Study of Tyra Banks he makes up for in his passion for Madonna and his Bucket List maintenance. So when Madonna announced she’d be on tour again, this gay knew that this would be one of his final chances to cross “Seeing Madonna Live” off the bucket list, and this moocher (me) knew she had to get in on it. One scheduled concert at Yankee Stadium and an “I.O.U” of $150 later, I am seeing Madonna!

But it gets better. At least…for me it gets better. (No, I unfortunately still owe the $150.)

A week or so later I receive an automated e-mail from Oprah’s LifeClass. For those who are unfamiliar with the program, it is the best show since…The Oprah Winfrey Show. (Excuse my redundancy.) Anyway, this automated e-mail was informing me, as well as the rest of Oprah’s mailing list, that Oprah would be taping 2 episodes this season in NYC, and that they will be doing a lottery for the tickets. Do you know what that means? That means I can use my power of positive thinking to receive the tickets and not pay a dime for them!

Oprah trying to encourage me to "De-Clutter" my life.

To make a long-story short, that is exactly what happened! So, come April 2nd, I am going to get to see Queen O herself, live! In person! And I am pretty freaking thrilled. My rule has been to freak out about it once a day in hopes that by the time the big day is here I will be some-what over it and won’t cry on the spot. We’ll see. But if I cry it’s okay, because as far as I am concerned there is no celebrity I could meet that is more impressive than Oprah.*

In conclusion for reason #2, if I can attract Madonna and Oprah into my life, then I can attract all sorts of good things into my life, and thus I have. And let me tell ya, good things are distracting. So distracting, that I before I know it I realize “Oh gee, Neenz. You haven’t updated your blog in days!”

A rainbow of Oprah's. Which is exactly how I like my rainbows.

So, what’s next?! Well…next I will be back with another entry for reason #3. Why? To buy me time before I have to get into the swing of our good old, consistent updating again! Sound good? Good!

Thanks for reading, and I will see you soon!



*excluding Sammi Sweetheart.

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One Man’s Good Thing Is Another Man’s Bad: The Day Sammi Sweetheart Tweeted Me

So, it’s been a week or so since I’ve done a blog post, and even longer since I’ve done a consistent schedule of blogging. While I do feel guilty about not giving my blog the attention it deserves, I at least have an excuse.

Good things have been happening.  And they’re right when they say good things come in threes. Well, I think they say bad things come in threes too, which makes sense when you consider what I deem as “good things”. Starting with the first one.

1. Sammi Sweetheart Tweeted Me.

Yes! Sammi of the Jersey Shore herself! (Now you understand what I mean when I say one person’s good thing is another one’s bad thing.) So let’s get the back-story out of the way: I flipping love Sammi Sweetheart. I’m not sure how it happened or why, but my guess would be her tolerance of Ronnie throwing things, cursing his mind off and trashing their home reminded me so much of my childhood with an Italian father that I simply could not help but relate to her. You will also often catch Sammi not wearing heels, even to a club! There’s a role model I can get behind. Not to mention the fact that she is not Snooki gives her some points right off the bat.

So, as a Sammi Sweetheart fan, I find it is my duty to support her endeavors and try to get her to make as much money as the rest of the cast. (We’ll catch up to Snooki one day Sammi, we will!) When she had a jewelry line at RichRocksNYC, my mother and I made it our mission to order from it in bulk for Christmas. And when she had perfume for sale at Mandees via Dangerous Perfumes, I made it my goal to wear it daily despite the rash it gave me. (The perfume is called Dangerous. I thought to myself, “Literally.” But it is imperative that I say that since then the rash has never returned and the perfume receives consistent compliments.)

When Sammi tweeted and Facebooked that she and Dangerous Perfumes had another perfume out, I had to get over my fears that it would cause another allergic downfall to my body and week of turtle-necks and begged my mother to order it for me until she cracked. And luckily for me, my mother did just that! So when my autographed bottle of “Dangerous Desires” came in the mail, I simply HAD to share it with the Twitter world. After all, where else can you shamelessly promote all of your nerdy habits, hobbies and obsessions and be accepted for them?!

Immediately I alerted my twitter-feed, “Why yes, I *did* get a signed bottle of @MTVSammi’s perfume in the mail!” And as luck would have it…or shall I say, as fate would have it, she replied! What did she say? I hope you like it! What?! She said, “I hope you like it!” YOU as in ME. And like any true stalker fan, I kept the evidence.

(BTW, now would be a great time to ignore the ode-to-Michelle Tanner background on my Twitter page.)

With this new-found-excitement of having my favorite Reality TV celebrity tweet me, I decided I would share it on the next best Social Media outlet, Facebook. Now, while on Twitter it was okay for me to be the obsessed, crazed-fan I really am, on Facebook you have to try and maintain a certain image. So with a hint of self-deprecating humor I posted, “Sammi Sweetheart replied to one of my tweets. This is the greatest day of my life. (Shhhh, don’t judge me, you will ruin the moment.)”

The post was fine and dandy, as I got the praises and congratulatory remarks I anticipated, until people started asking what she said. Shit. On Twitter it’s expected that fans harass “celebrities” until they respond! On Facebook, they think she actually tweeted me because we are best friends who talk! What do I do now? It would ruin the moment to say, “Oh, she said that she hopes I like the perfume that I badgered her about receiving.” BUT THEY KEEP ASKING WHAT SHE SAID!

In the end I had to come clean, but that clearly did not stop this from being the first of several “good things” to come. But since this did take up well over 500 words, (I won’t even say the actual word count), I will save the remaining examples for another blog-post!

So, in conclusion, yes. Yes. I did just write an entire blog post about Sammi Sweetheart tweeting me. And let me repeat: Don’t judge me. You will ruin the moment.

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A League of Their Own, A Question of My Own

There are some movies that when you spot them on TV, you can’t help but watch. You’re obligated! I will just assume that most people have different movies on this list than I do. After all, I can’t expect that everyone will stop what they’re doing for You’ve Got Mail and Muppets Take Manhattan. But one of my favorites that may be more culturally appreciated is A League of Their Own. Holy crap is this movie good!

I watched this movie all the time as a kid, making it one of those films where every line is burnt to memory. (“Who’s Lou?!” “The driver!”) But what makes this film great is that there is something new to love every time. Ignore the cliche and hear me out. How about Dottie and Kit?! Now that I am an adult, I can actually understand the tension between the sisters! And let me tell you, as a self-proclaimed “Dottie” it is hard having your sisters envy every little thing you do better than them (which let’s be honest, is everything). Haha, oh I’m only kidding (but not really).

*Note: If you haven’t seen the film SPOILERS from here on out. Proceed with caution! ;) * With this new found appreciation for the internal conflict between Dottie and Kit, I thought that I would turn to my blog to ask what you guys thought of the films dramatic World Series Game: Did Dottie Drop The Ball On Purpose?! As some of you may remember, at the last minute Kit gets traded to the Racine Bells when a conflict arises between herself and her sister Dottie, pinning them against each other for the World Series. At the very end of the tied game, Dottie, the catcher, is thrown the ball as Kit is headed for home plate…and Dottie drops the ball! What?! Dottie Hinson, the Queen of Diamonds, drops the ball?!

As someone who can relate to being perfect like Dottie Hinson, I think “Of course she dropped it on purpose! They even show her holding on to the ball in a similar-type of play!” However when I asked one of my sisters for their opinion, who to protect their identity we will call “Kit”, said “She wouldn’t drop it on purpose and LOSE the game!” Which leaves me only one choice…to ask you guys what do you think! Did Dottie drop the ball on purpose because she knew how much it meant to her sister? Or would Dottie never do that to her teammates, and really did drop the ball?

Thanks for voting! Looking forward to seeing your opinions!


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The Couple That Perms Their Hair Together, Stays Together

…Even when the perm doesn’t last.

Happy Valentine’s Day, and think twice before you get that Valentine’s Day matching haircut! ;)


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Nostalgia Around Every Corner, Ric Flair in Every Cabinet

Perhaps part of the reason why I am so fond of nostalgia related things as an adult is because these past mementos were never really gone. And if I want to try and leave them behind, I am reminded of them again every day as I go to get my morning coffee.

Why am I reminded of 80′s and 90′s themed pop-culture items or memories of the past when I get my morning coffee, you ask?

Because Ric Flair is in my coffee cabinet.

I guess you could say we are keeping a…classic wrestler by our…classic roast. (hahahahaha.) But why is our Ric Flair action figure in here? I wouldn’t really know. My guess would be that since Ric Flair was my father’s favorite of the WW(F)E wrestlers, that he didn’t want him to get lost in the abyss of our old wrestling toys. Or maybe he just really wanted an intimidating coffee guard. One thing that I do know is that we used to have more Ric Flair items in the coffee cabinet, such as a little cut-out and a Ric Flair spinner/top! So while we’ve downsized the Flair items, I can’t make any promises that we will downsize enough to not have an entire cabinet dedicated to coffee.

Although this may seem like a random thing to share, let me say the real goal of this post: If I could save just one old wrestling figure from being thrown away or left in an old basement, and instead have him have a new great life hidden in your kitchen to surprise guests, well then my is mission accomplished. So what are you waiting for?! I am sure at least one of you has got to have an old Razor Ramon somewhere waiting to be stored in the spice cabinet, right?

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